About Us

Our research team has been working on both infectious as well as non-infectious diseases.

Our research thrust includes:

  • Molecular identification and treatment of CTX-M [Extended spectrum beta lactamase] producing micro-organisms

  • Development of treatment strategy for Alzheimer's disease(AD) through varied approaches including re-purposing of anti-diabetic agents for AD-treatment

  • Application of nanotechnology to combat microbial drug resistance as well as Alzheimer's disease

Currently, we are focusing on classification of anti-diabetic natural compounds on the basis of their mode of action. In this context, we have developed ADNCD database. In line with the style & philosophy of the upcoming generation that wants precise info in few clicks, our database follows the "GAGAR MEIN SAGAR" type approach (a famous hindi idiom meaning 'beautifully brief'). In essence, despite being small, this database has its own scientific utility. We would try our level best to update/increase the content of the database by adding pertinent and 'to the point' information as per latest research works.

Our research team includes:

Smiley face Aisha Khatoon
Research Scholar
Department of Biosciences
Integral University, Lucknow
Area of Research: Alzheimer's disease treatment through anti-diabetic natural compounds [Aisha Khatoon has worked hard to create ADNCD]

Smiley face Sibhghatulla Shaikh
Research Scholar
Department of Biosciences
Integral University, Lucknow
Area of Research: Molecular identification of CTX-M producing micro-organisms and developing strategies to combat multi-drug resistance caused by them.

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Dr. Syed Mohd. Danish Rizvi
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology
University of Hai'l
Hai'l, Saudia Arabia

Smiley face Dr. ShaziShakil

Scientist, KACST Technology Innovation Center for Personalized Medicine (CIPM) at King Abdulaziz University; & Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We are exactly reproducing the following excerpt from one of our published papers for the benefit of the users of our database as it is a source of continued inspiration for us also: "The authors are thankful to all the scientists of this world who possess a burning desire to share their knowledge and skills with the entire world free of charge and solely for the benefit of mankind and expect its reward from Allah alone."*

*Source: Syed Mohd. Danish Rizvi, Shazi Shakil, and Mohd. Haneef. "A Simple Click by Click Protocol to Perform Docking: AutoDock 4.2 Made Easy for Non-Bioinformaticians." EXCLI Journal 12 (2013): 831–857. []

Dedication: Dedicated to "LOVE TOWARDS ENTIRE HUMANITY" as preached by The Last Prophet Smiley face